“You Are God’s Treasure!”


As a person of faith, you base your life on the future and the invisible. Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. People of faith are those who have come to have confidence in God’s invisible future. Those who serve God would rather be God’s personal treasure than have earthly treasures.

1.) You Are a Valuable Treasure!


One day, God will make up his “jewels” (Mal. 3:17). The word for jewels in the Hebrew language is segullah. This word refers to the king’s personal treasure. In ancient times, the king owned everything. The king kept a pouch of valuable jewels by his throne and from time to time, he would take them out and hold them in his hand to remind him that they were his personal treasure.

That same word segullah is used in verse 17 by the Lord. When the day is done and the last battle is won, the most valuable thing in all creation to God will be the faithful servants who would rather be a treasure than have treasure.

We become God’s treasure when we confess his son as our Saviour.

2.) You Are an Invincible Treasure!

God knows the names of his people who make up his treasure and our destination is guaranteed. We will be gathered forever into his presence and safekeeping and we will remain his treasure throughout eternity. God has promised, “I will spare them.” (Malachi 3:17)

When all the banks and their money no longer exist, when all the jewelry stores and their inventories are destroyed, and when all the museums and their ancient treasures are long gone, one treasure will still remain-- God’s treasure-- us!

Do not look back! At the end, you will find that it does pay to serve God & you’ll receive the rewards for your service in God’s Heaven!