“Redefining Greatness”


Our culture has an obsession with being the greatest. The desire to be the greatest at something will cause people to do crazy things to get into the Guinness Book of World Records.

If you could be listed in Guinness, what would you choose to be your world record? ___________________________________________________________________

Would that great thing have eternal consequences or not? _____________________

Let’s read Luke 22:24-27. During the last supper, the disciples argued who of them was the greatest. According to Luke 9:46-48, this wasn’t the first time this had happened. Perhaps they had also argued over who was going to wash the others’ feet or over the seating arrangements at the table. They certainly didn’t want to wash feet.

What’s the most unpleasant thing anyone has done for you? ___________________

Would you do the same for them in return? ________________________________

Whenever there is trouble about who is the greatest, there is really trouble about who is the least. Most of us know we will never be the greatest and that’s okay, but we just don’t want to be the least. If we can’t be in the Top 10, that’s alright so long as we aren’t in the Bottom 10!

Serving Christ abolishes our needs for a pecking order. It doesn’t matter who is on the top, on the bottom, and in between. It doesn’t matter who gets the glory, credit, or the “attaboy.”

What if in your place of service, you said, “When there is a task to do in the church, I will gladly do it, whether or not it’s in my job description. I do not care who gets the credit either. My desire is to glorify God!”

Do you need to redefine greatness to match the definition Jesus used? ___________