Senior Pastor

Bro. Woody Evans

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Bro. Woody Evans is the new Senior Pastor at Brownville Baptist Church.  He is married to Sherry Evans and has a son,Lucas.  He was born and raised in Lonoke.  He is here to serve the Lord, Brownsville Baptist Church and the Lonoke area.  In his words...." He is a retired red neck and can come out of retirement if needed.  He is also a God fearing, Bible Believing, Hell, Fire and Brimstone preacher. "  Come join the service and meet him and his family.

Youth Leaders

Bro. Bobby and Ann Crosser

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Bro. Bobby and Ann Crosser are the youth leaders at Brownsville Baptist Church.  We have bible study for youth on Wednesday night at 7:00p.m. til 8:00p.m.  Contact Bro. Bobby at 501-773-0927 or email Bro. Bobby at

Chairman of Deacons

Bro. Limuel Simpson

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Bro. Limuel Simpson serves as the Chairman of the Deacons.

Director of Music and Worship

Bro. Dan Stout

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Bro. Dan Stout serves as our Director of Music and Worship at Brownsville Baptist.  In addition to serving in this position, Bro. Dan also serves as a Deacon and teaches the Adult Sunday School class.


Mrs. Sandra Stout

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Mrs. Sandra serves as the Pianist at Brownsville Baptist Church.  Not only is she a gifted pianist, but a gifted singer as well.

Mrs. Sandra also serves in our Sunday School Secretary.


Mrs. Amy Lackey

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Ms. Amy serves as the Organist at Brownsville Baptist Church.   She also serves as the publisher of our weekly church bulletin and is the webmaster of our church website.


Sunday School Director

Bro. Limuel Simpson

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Bro. Limuel Simpson is our  Sunday School Director at Brownsville Baptist.  Bro. Simpson also serves as a deacon.

KFC Director

Mrs. Sherry Evans

Mrs. Sherry is the Director of our new KFC Kids for Christ Program at Brownsville Baptist. 

The Kids for Chirst is on Wednesday nights during the school year from 7:00p.m. to 8:00p.m.

We are serving food for the kids at 6:15 p.m.


Mrs. Kaye McNeese

Mrs. Kaye McNeese and Lana Smith are our Nursery Caregivers during Sunday School and Worship Services. 


Mrs. Mary Ruth Simpson

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Mrs. Mary Ruth Simpson serves as the Church Treasurer at Brownsville Baptist Church. 


Mrs. Nancy Mahoney

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Mrs. Nancy Mahoney serves as the Church Clerk at Brownsville Baptist Church.  She is also active in our Awana program available on Wednesday nights from 6:30p.m. to 8:00p.m. during the school year.

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