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Our Strength Is in Weakness

“Our Strength Is in Weakness”


Why are Christians clay pots? The answer is found in II Corinthians 4:7. When a jeweler shows a diamond, he doesn’t display it against a background of other diamonds, rather he places it against a valueless black cloth. When God wishes to demonstrate the value of his power, he displays it in human clay pots so the glory may be given to him. Over and over, God displayed his power in “clay pots.”

--When God wanted a father for all the faithful, he chose a 99 year old man.

--When God wanted to lead an exodus of his people, he chose an 80 year old man armed with nothing but a shepherd’s rod.

--When God wanted to conquer cities, he used a former slave.

--When God needed to slay a Philistine giant, he used a little boy armed with a


God acts in this way, so when all is said and done, everyone will have to confess that God did it-- the glory belongs to God and him alone!

We think our churches and ministries prosper because of powerful preachers, excellent organization, planned calendars, and big bank accounts. However, we need to remember we are all “jugs of mud.” In our weakness, His strength appears!

The things we think break us are the things God uses to make us. God is more interested in human character than human achievement. He uses adversity to strengthen us. Read James 1: 2-4. Our strength during trying times comes from the Lord. Read Isaiah 40: 29-31.

A clay pot can be broken from pressure. What kinds of pressure are you experiencing in life? _________________________________________________


Are they pressures coming from inside of you or from the outside the world around you? ______________________________________________________________