Our Contentment


The stage was set for a power struggle (John 3:22-36). John’s disciples were jealous for John. They didn’t like John having to take a back seat to Jesus. When John’s friends reminded him of Christ’s success, he could’ve felt neglected, hurt, and forgotten. Sometimes a friend’s sympathy can be the worst possible thing for us. It can make us feel sorry for ourselves and think we haven’t had a fair deal.

Have you ever had a friend that filled your head with reasons for resentments or one who tempted you to perform acts of revenge against a fellow person?

                                        YES               NO

Why is it not good to surround yourself with these kind of “friends”?



1.) God Gives the Results.

--John was too big to fall into that trap. If Jesus was winning more followers than John, it was because God was giving them to Jesus.

--We should never be jealous of other people’s success in ministry. We are all supposed to be doing it for the same reason anyway-- to bring glory to God and increase his kingdom!

--To have any opportunity to serve is a humbling experience. No rivalry should exist between individuals who are under God’s authority.

2.) Every Task Is an Important Task.


--Ministry would be easier for all if we were prepared to play the subordinate role. (John 3:30)


--Any task done for God is a great, important work!


On a scale of 1 to 10, how would society rank these ministries:


______ Preaching to an arena full of people


______ Visiting a sick person in their home or in the hospital


______ Administering a food program that feed millions worldwide


______ Teaching a Sunday School class


______ Writing a best selling Christian book


______ Volunteering on a church committee

How does society’s ranking differ from God’s ranking? different the same

There are no small tasks, small churches, or small ministries! Read Matthew 25:31-40.

3.) God Commissions and Rewards Our Service.

-- Our commission and reward are individually determined. They are not based on the work of the person next to you.


--You do not bask in someone else’s glory or get the blame for someone else’s mistake. God sees you as one-of-a-kind!