Our Commander


In John 3:22-36, John the Baptist exalted Jesus and his ministry. We know that John’s commitment to Christ led to his execution at the hands of King Herod. Jesus was the truth of God and John was willing and did risk his life on it.

1.) We Are Under Christ’s Control.

--Like John, another follower of Christ because of his commitment, led him to prison and ultimately death.

--Though he was arrested on Jewish charges and imprisoned by the Roman government. He considered himself a prisoner of Jesus Christ (Ephesians 3:1). Whatever he did and wherever he went, he was under the control of Christ.

How would you feel about describing yourself as prisoner of Jesus Christ?

proud uncomfortable blessed embarrassed pleased grateful offended

--In spite of all the trials and circumstances he dealt with as an apostle of Christ, he saw God working in his life and recognized he was part of a divine plan to advance the kingdom.

--A prisoner has no plans of his own. His daily needs are supplied by the authority in his life. In our case, this would be God.

2.) We Owe Absolute Obedience to Jesus Christ.

--Not only did Paul consider himself a prisoner of Christ’s, but he also considered himself a slave (doulos) of Christ.

--His favorite title for Christ was kurios, the Greek word for master.

--By expressing his status as a slave to Christ, Paul declared 3 truths:


1.) He was the absolute possession of Jesus Christ.

2.) He owed an absolute obedience to Christ. The slave has no will of his own. His master’s will must be his will.

3.) He was a servant of God. This was the highest title of honor in the Old Testament (Amos 3:7, Jer. 7:25).