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Chapters 20-22: Satan Bound, Satan Freed, Judgment at the Throne, and the New Heaven and New Earth

Notes on the Book of Revelation Chapters 20-22

The 19th chapter ends with the victory of the armies of Heaven over the armies of the Earth. Christ returns with the saints and angels, establishing the Messianic Kingdom. The Antichrist and False Prophet have been cast into the Lake of Fire and the armies of the kings of the Earth have been completely destroyed, with their bodies eaten by birds. The kingdom of the Messiah is victorious, as the saints become rulers over the Earth.

An angel binds Satan to the bottomless pit (the abyss) for 1000 years. Satan is unable to influence the world during this period. During the millennium (1000 years), the population of the Earth is replenished and multiplies to an innumerable host. The saints, rewarded for faithful service, rule over the growing population of the Earth.

After 1000 years, Satan is released from his prison and tests the nations of the repopulated Earth. Satan convinces those born in the Millennium to gather in rebellion against the Lord and the saints in Jerusalem. This is his final attempt to thwart God’s plan. Fire from Heaven falls on the rebels attacking Jerusalem, and Satan is cast into the Lake of Fire, receiving torment for eternity with the Antichrist and False Prophet. Then, all of lost humanity in Hades is resurrected and they kneel before the “Great White Throne” and are judged by their works. At the Great White Throne, the lost are eternally judged and separated from the redeemed in the Lake of Fire. Following the Great White Throne, the redeemed are presented with their eternal dwellings.

At the close of the 20th chapter, the lost are eternally separated from God’s presence, and the saints are now in the eternal city.


In the final two chapters of Revelation, John gives us an eyewitness account of our future eternal dwellings. In Chapter 21, John describes the immense walled city in the shape of a cube called “The New Jerusalem.” This will be the eternal home of the saints from all the ages.

Chapter 22 gives us a peek inside the city, and the incredible relationship between God and man which will last for the rest of eternity.


Chapter 22 also ends with Jesus’ promise that He is indeed coming soon and He also issues a blessing to all who reads and keeps the prophecies contained in the Book of Revelation. On the other hand, Christ speaks of a warning that if anyone adds to the Book of Revelation, God will take away that person’s share in the tree of life and their citizenship in the holy city.