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Chapter 8: The Seventh Seal-- The Trumpets

The Seventh Seal: The Trumpets-- Revelation, Chap. 8


What Will Happen After Each Trumpet Sounds?


-- After the first trumpet sounds, hail, fire, and blood fall upon the earth, burning one-third of the earth, trees, and grass. This is a plague similar to the hailstorm described in the book of Exodus, with the exception of the blood. -- Following the second trumpet blast, something like a burning mountain plummets into the sea, turning one-third of the sea into blood, sinking one-third of the ships, and killing one-third of all the fish. Some Christian apologists believe this to possibly be an impact event of one of the Near-Earth objects, like a meteor, asteroid, or comet.-- At the sound of the third trumpet, a star called Wormwood falls onto the Earth poisoning the freshwater sources such as streams and rivers. Wormwood is a plant with a strong bitter taste, used here as a metaphor for calamity and sorrow. It is not poisonous, but its bitterness represents death.-- Following the fourth trumpet, the sun, stars and moon are darkened by one-third.