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Chapter 5: The Scroll and the Lamb

The Scroll and the Lamb-- The Book of Revelation, Chapter 5


Chapter 5 continues from chapter 4 in which John introduces the reader to the throne of God, the four living creatures, the 24 elders, and the sea of glass before the throne.

In Chapter 5, John directs the reader’s attention back to the throne of God. On His throne, God sits with a scroll, having seven seals and no one in Heaven or on Earth is able to open it. John weeps, for lack of a person who can open the scroll, a lamb then appears which is able to open the scroll. All of heaven falls before the throne of God and the Lamb in the midst of the throne. The Lamb of course, is God’s only son and our Savior-- Jesus Christ.

The opening of this scroll, introduced in chapter 5, puts events into motion leading to the return of Christ in Chapter 19 of Revelation. Chapter 6 begins with the Lamb opening the seals on the scroll. The opening of the scroll begins the period known as Daniel’s 70th week, the seven-year tribulation period, a period of unparalleled horror and destruction on the earth.

Conservative Bible scholars believe that the beginning of the tribulation period begins with the confirmation of an agreement between Israel and the world, allowing the Temple to be rebuilt and animal sacrifice to resume. Currently, the Dome of the Rock, the third holiest site to Islam occupies land where the Jewish Temple is to be rebuilt. The building of the Temple can only follow the destruction of this building holy to Islam. The destruction of the Dome will unleash the Islamic world against Israel, putting events in motion leading to the start of the tribulation period in chapter 6.

Between chapter 4 and the beginning of the tribulation period in chapter 6, is a period of pause. During this pre-tribulation time, the world will find itself in political upheaval as the order of nations realigns. While these events are taking place on earth, in Heaven, the events of Revelation chapter 4 and 5 will be taking place. How long this period is not clear, it could be weeks, months or even years. This period will conclude with establishment of the Jewish Temple and a worldwide peace agreement enforced by military might, for seven-years.