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Chapter 19: The Marriage of the Lamb and the Coming of Christ

Chapter 19 of Revelation concludes the seven year tribulation period with the return of Christ and his Bride (Christians) to rule and reign on the Earth. The kings of the Earth and their armies, along with Satan, the antichrist and false prophet gather in Israel. Their arrival is a prelude to war with the Lamb. New Babylon, the capital city of the Earth, has just been obliterated from existence (Chapter 18). Satan and his demonic forces inspire the mass of remaining humanity that somehow they will be able to defeat the Lamb, so they gather together for the final conflict.

Meanwhile in Heaven the “Bride of the Lamb”-- the Church-- is ready for marriage to the Lamb (Jesus Christ). The “Bema Seat” of Christ has purified the Church and the righteous deeds of saints have been rewarded.

The Church is married to Christ and joined in eternal union. Following the “Wedding of the Lamb” is the “Wedding Supper of the Lamb,” where those who are invited to attend are called “blessed.” With the Wedding of the Lamb and the Wedding Supper of the Lamb completed, Christ and his church, along with the heavenly angels, are preparing for their journey to the Earth.

In the second half of the 19th chapter, Christ is seen riding upon a white horse, along with the all the saints who are also riding white horses on their descent to the Earth to take possession of it from Satan and his demonic and human armies that have gathered around Israel.