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Chapter 18: Babylon is Fallen and Lament for Babylon

Notes on The Book of Revelation, Chapter 18


Chapter 18 of Revelation is a continuation from the 16th chapter. In Chapter 16, seven angels with seven bowls contain the seven plagues that are poured out on Planet Earth. The plagues take place in the final part of the seven year tribulation period.

During this period of the bowl judgments, God’s wrath is being completed on the Earth. People, who received the mark of the beast (666), are in continuous pain, water and food are scarce as a result of the plagues on the sea and fresh water. The heat of the Sun is scorching the Earth and causing death and burning. The inhabitants of the Earth curse God’s holy name as a result of his wrath.

Satan, the antichrist and the false prophet gather the armies of the world toward Jerusalem to wage war on God. As the armies of the Earth near Jerusalem, a tremendous earthquake-- one unequaled in the history of the earth-- destroys the cities of the world. The capital city of the Beast, “Babylon,” is in darkness and has been divided into three parts as a result of the great earthquake. As the armies of the earth gather and the inhabitants from the cities emerge from their rubble, hail falls from the sky weighing about 100 pounds each.

The armies of Heaven are being readied for their entry into the Earth. The wedding supper of the Lamb is just finishing, and Bride is ready to depart with the Groom. But before they enter the Earth, remnants of Babylon the Great will be obliterated from the Earth. In the 18th chapter, we see the final chapter on man’s monument to himself, destroyed before the triumphant armies of Heaven. As the smoke from Babylon the Great goes into the air, word quickly spreads to the gathering armies of the Earth of the destruction of their capital city.