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Chapter 17: The Woman on the Beast

The Woman on the Beast-- Revelation Chapter 17


Chapter 17 reveals details of Satan’s work from the great flood (Gen. 6-8) until the end of this age. The methods used by Satan are tried and true throughout the ages. In this chapter, we see Satan’s method to subdue and seduce the kings of the Earth. We also see how God plans to destroy these satanic institutions. Chapters 17 and 18 of Revelation deal with the “New Babylon.” Chapter 17 deals with the religious system, and 18 with the political system. Chapter 17 requires spiritual understanding as we let scripture interpret scripture. The timing of the 17th chapter actually takes place at the beginning of the second half of the tribulation period.

The Antichrist at the start of the tribulation period comes to power in the guise of peace. One method of his peace is the establishment of a new religious system. The system will unify a world at war.

The beast (Satan) and the false prophet will unify kingdoms of the world under a religious and economic system. Islam and false Christianity, along with other religions will be united, following the rapture. The world will look for answers, and they will be ripe for spiritual deception.

During the midpoint of the tribulation, changes in the spiritual realms will cause changes to the new religious system, and the beast will become the focus of worship. Satan who will inhabit the body of the Antichrist will want direct worship from the world. The False Prophet who helped unify the earth into one world religion will now turn the world to worship the beast and his image. With worship of the beast as the focus, there will no longer be a need for a unified world religion. The beast will now be the focus; the kings in the beast’s kingdom will now turn on the religious system and destroy it. By destroying the system, they will accomplish God’s will.