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Chapter 10: The Angel and the Little Scroll

The Angel and the Little Scroll-- The Book of Revelation, Chap. 10


The 10th chapter of Revelation contains an event that will take place between the 6th and 7th trumpet judgments, just as chapter 7 was an event between the 6th and 7th seal. Chapter 10 takes place just prior to the “midpoint” of the tribulation period.

Following the 6th trumpet judgment, a “mighty angel” descends from Heaven to claim possession of Planet Earth.

At this point in chapter 10, the earth is in a terrible, terrible state. War alone has killed nearly half the Earth’s population (Rev. 6:8; 9:15)-- a quarter in the first four seals and a third in the 6th trumpet judgment. Earth, physically has also suffered tremendous judgments, with celestial objects crashing into the oceans, killing a third of sea life, and making one third of the fresh water poisonous. Earthquakes and volcanic activity also cause havoc on a spiritually hardened earth.

John for the preceding 10 chapters has been prophesying about future events from the “church age” to the first half of the tribulation. The Lord now commands John to prophesy about the midpoint to the end of the second half of Daniel’s 70th week through 1000 year millennium to the New Jerusalem.

Notes on Chapter 10 Verses:

10:1-- “another strong angel”-- perhaps the same strong angel of Rev. 5:2

10:2-- “a little book”-- not the book of chapter 5

10:3-- “seven peals of thunder”-- in Revelation, thunder is always connected with divine punishments.

10:9-- “take it and eat it”-- The Lord wasn’t telling John to literally to eat the scroll, but rather to grasp and fully digest the scroll’s terrible contents. This is what the phrase “make your stomach bitter refers to.” The message of the scroll with involve suffering

10:11-- “you must prophesy again”-- this refers to the prophecies following the sounding of the seventh trumpet we will read about in 11:15